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          A Conceptual Matrix: Humanity’s Place in Time and Space


Humanity needs a framework to understand life, death, birth, rebirth, karma, infinity, eternity, and our place in the larger picture – the cosmos.  That matrix will include, of necessity, the supersensible spiritual realms in their relationship to the physical, material world of time and space, with a broad enough grid (perhaps 3-D) so that individuals can find the reasons and meaning for both their personal experiences, and their relationship to multiple dimensions and the beings residing therein.

            In my book, Lucid Death: Conscious Journeys Beyond the threshold, Chapter 8 serves as such a conceptual matrix for understanding life and death.  Included here, are a few other additions. I am willing to receive suggestions of other aspects of existence that need to be included.  Please let me know if you are working on something similar.  Thank you, Kienda



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Image by Sara The Freak

A Conceptual Matrix

(Chapter 8 of Lucid Death)

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Image by Samuele Giglio
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