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Welcome to my website. I Kienda Betrue Valbracht, have been clairvoyantly inclined all my life (except for certain wayward years in my late teens and early twenties.)  As a child, I observed the fairies, gnomes, angels, Christ, and Father God with awe and wonder.  Much later, when I settled into this life’s destiny, I met Anthroposophy, began to meditate regularly and creatively, and honed my basic abilities until I could safely navigate multiple dimensions.  The following books and monographs are the result of years of spiritual research.  I invite you to read them with an open, yet discerning mind – enjoy.

Image by NASA

Edgar Mitchell

& the Interstellar Team

Image by Arturo Rey
Image by Vlad Zaytsev
Balancing Rocks
Image by Marek Piwnicki
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